Entry #4

Commission Info Update

2015-05-18 21:50:06 by SirVego

Want a commission from me?

1-Send me a message with the following:

Your E-mail or some kind of contact information:
Type of Drawing you want:
Character Description/References/Links:

2-I´ll message you back to confirming it
3-Send me payment via PayPal or E-Bank Transfer. My email is chris_bryer@hotmail.com
4-I will send you the finished piece via e-mail and or however you wish to contact me.


1-I have the right to decline doing a commission if i so choose.
2-I am willing to draw just about anything.
3-I can draw traditional and digital. But know that i do not have a scanner at the moment.(i am also willing to mail you the traditional artwork as long as you pay for the cost) 
4-I will send you wips as often as i can for you to check and approve.
5-I do not work on the weekends so i am less likely to send you a wip on those two days.
6-If at any time you wish for me to stop and return your payment within the sketch phase is allowed but beyond that is the point of no return.
7-I work better if you have a solid idea of what you want me to do.
8-I am only willing to work before being payed if there is a contract involved.
9-I do not like setting up deadline since i am terrible at keeping them. Also if i have not messaged you withing a week send me a message because i may have forgotten and need a reminder.
10-And remember i am almost always doing at least three commission at once so be patient if i am taking my time.       


Any transaction can only be done through Paypal at chris_bryer@hotmail.com , just in case you forgot.
All commission must be paid in advanced or 50% up front and 50% upon completion.


Sketches-Bust or Torso (with a bit of color of you like  :)  ) 5$ +3$ for each additional characters. 

Sketches- Full body (with a bit of color of you like  ;)   ) 10$ +5$ for each additional characters.

Colored- sketch/pencil style 20$

Inked- Bust, torso or full body 20$ +10$ for each additional characters.

Colored- Bust, torso or full body 35$ +15$ for each additional characters.

Digital panting- 60$+ (price may very, massage me about price)

Inking your artwork- 5$ to 25$ depending on the pictures complexity.

Coloring your artwork- 5$ to 25$ depending on the pictures complexity.

If there is any confusion and or misunderstandings just ask and ill clear it up as i can. You can also contact me vai Skype. My account name is live:chris_bryer

Have a nice day.


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